Roll Over Beethoven (and then give yourself a bath)

Submitted by windupkitty June 10th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This is another of Mum’s tchotchkes and my favorite. It’s actually pretty elaborate and it looks like a lot of work was was put into it….But ultimately, it’s just cat playing the piano in a very fancy dress, which is more than enough to win me over…

I love how jaded she is….paws poised in a relaxed arch over the keys….

You have to admit, this IS a fancy dress…all glass too, which i think is pretty cool…The first time I saw it,I thought it was fabric…

And of course, how would she know what to play without her sheet music? Sadly, I can’t read it, so her song remains a mystery…I hope for her sake it’s Gershwin…..

6 Responses to “Roll Over Beethoven (and then give yourself a bath)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Really adorable. And so delicate. Had this been my mothers I know it would’ve been my favorite thing of hers. Love the little lace dress. Love the little pot of flowers on the piano, as well is the little sheet music. I personally hope she’s about to play “Boogie Wonderland”.

    Perhaps I never learned to play piano because you have to be this formally dressed.

    The expression on her face is priceless. Calm, cool, composed, focused and flirty at the same time.

  2. windupkitty

    If you had to dress like this to play piano, I probably would have stuck with it…My first piano teacher used to play over me and she drooled on me…I will never forget it…I’m not sure she actually knew how to play piano either…I mean, I couldn’t play, so how would I ever know?! What a brilliant business plan teaching is….

    This is indeed one of my favorites of Mum’s dust collectors…I bet she would play Boogie Wonderland with lots of runs and flourishes…I’d love to see what outfit she’d wear for that too…..

  3. Nessa

    This sort of ceramic fabric used to be made by dipping actual fabric in liquid porcelain, and sticking it on to the piece. When fired, the fabric burned away and the ceramic was formed in its place. I’m not sure this is how your piano-kitty was made but I’d be willing to guess that’s how they got the nice detail. She’s so cute!

      • windupkitty

        Wow, I had no idea either…thanks for sharing that! I’m always curious about how things are made and I know nothing at at all about ceramics…I was always really impressed with how delicate and intricate her dress is though….amazing what people come up with….too cool….