5 Responses to “FACITMAN”

  1. Bev Hogue

    Allee he was used as an advertising display prop in exhibitions and in store windows. Originally there was a lot of resistance to the human character because there was nothing like this in Facit’s competitors.
    But slowly after being introduced in PR material and instruction booklets over time his popularity grew.

    He’s made of a plastic. His arms and feet do move. He has magnets on the bottom of his shoes probably to attach to the actual metal adding machines. His hat is removable and is fasten by a string that attaches to a hook on top of his head.

    I’ve searched other Facitmen and can’t determine his age because the color of his overalls are almost a khaki green and that color doesn’t appear in any figure.

    Anyhow, loving the Facitman and he’s good company. Always making some comment on my work:)

  2. Douglas Wood

    Wow– I used to have this guy when I was a kid but haven’t seen one since, and it kills me that I don’t still have it. I don’t even know how I got it; think I found it on the floor of the hallway by my locker in junior high.