Flower Deer

Submitted by kookykrafts June 14th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This elaborate Flower Deer was made several years ago from a taxidermy form I got on Ebay. It  has one horn extending from its forehead so actually became a unicorn.

All the icing is created from high quality acrylic artist materials, from a formula I’ve developed over the last 30 years, and the colors are hand mixed by me and extremely colorfast. My iced sculptures are a time consuming process as I ice the sculptures by layering multiple layers of faux icing over several days, or weeks – and I make all the faux sugar roses in advance.

7 Responses to “Flower Deer”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love this one.

    Did you cover right over the taxidermy? I can deal with this a lot easier than I can the real animal. He seems so sweet this way. I really do want eat him right now.

  2. kookykrafts

    Thanks for another Certificate! Your dedication to your your blog is absolutely awesome!

    I found this basic taxidermy form on Ebay and the horn somewhere else (who knows?). She actually became a unicorn of sorts with the single chocolate horn covered with flowers. I found a taxidermy guy out in the suburbs who made the wooden plaque for the mount which I then coated in faux chocolate icing. Visiting his workshop was interesting; the search for materials for much of the art I make is as pleasurable as actually making the actual item, if not more so! I made lots of icing flowers to go on this one; probably around the same time I was making them for the big Flower Child cake.

    These faux taxidermy heads are definitely preferable to the real things but it’s funny – as soon as you add eyes they take on a life-like appearance and somehow seem alive (or like they were at one time). But at least you know deep down it was never a living thing.

    Still trying to make some time to take some pics of my retro planters. Hopefully sometime this week…

  3. windupkitty

    wow, just insane…i love the single horn…kookykrafts, i truly love what you do…this is about as close as i’d ever get to having something that looks like a trophy…in fact, it might even be a little too close for me…i’m just too much an animal lover…but i still love your creation!

  4. kookykrafts

    Yes, I know what you’re saying. Even my Significant Other says faux taxidermy makes him a sad – because something about these creatures still seems real. Alas, humans appear intent on capturing things in one form or another…

  5. kookykrafts

    Michael – I see you live in Tucson!? I have a wonderful shop in Phoenix called Kooky Krafts (you can check it out on Facebook). Lots of quirky handmade things by local artists and crafters. Only open Fridays and Saturdays though – if you ever come to Phoenix and have a hankering to look at some kitschy handcrafts!

    I used to shop at Yikes and Caliente when I was in Tucson (way back in the day when they were downtown) – and still stop there on occasion. Is Hazel still the owner?