4 Responses to “Doctor Schiwago Ice Cream”

  1. Allee Willis

    I absolutely love this. It’s so completely over the top in romance cheesiness and what the hell does any of that have to do with ice cream? Other than it’s cold in Russia.

    What flavor is it?

    What does the label say in English?

    You MUST buy a carton of “Gone with the Wind”!

    • BeeJay

      Wow, a Classique d´Camembert, thanks Allee, happy you like it so much :)

      The label says “An icecold cinematic romance made of snowwhite ice with mascarpone, lemon-icecream, delicious vodka-lemon-sauce and little white chocolate-snowflakes”

      Didn´t taste the vodka, but I can imagine they couldn´t mix real vodka in it, just any flavoring. Nonetheless it was very good!

      I will look for the “Gone with the wind” version, my hubby said he didn´t buy it, he forgot what the flavor was, but said he can remember it wasn´t his taste. Nevermind, ANY kind of icecream doesn´t survive very long when it´s in my freezer, lol I will buy it and will keep the box for you!

      • Allee Willis

        If there are still any cartons left of Doctor Schiwago or Gone with the Wind or any other insane movie flavors I would be eternally grateful if I could reimburse you for picking some up for me, enjoying the contents over there in Germany, and then sending me the empty cartons. I The more I think about this ice cream the more I realize I need it in my collection. and