Picnic Basket

Submitted by Michael Ely June 19th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This old picnic basket has been with me for many, many years and it has been on many a picnic, picnics in the park, picnics at the beach, picnics in the mountains, picnics in the desert. The basket is very large and a strap under the lid holds the flatware. It also contains a wooden severing stand (not pictured). I bought the vintage cowboy enamelware plates from a thrift store about 20 years ago.

4 Responses to “Picnic Basket”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m absolutely wild about picnic baskets. Not so much for what they look like on the outside but for what they look and sound like on the inside. The sound that the plastic makes when you stack the cups was one of the most thrilling sounds (next to Fabian and Frankie Avalon) I heard as a youth. And slipping the utensils into the little elastic bands was a task I never got tired of.

    The plates are beautiful and perfect for you. How many of them do you have and do you know when they were made?

    I think you mean ‘ wooden serving stand’ and not ‘ wooden severing stand’ but just in case not I didn’t want to take the liberty of correcting the spelling. Either way, is it common for a serving stand to come with a picnic basket? That’s pretty rare, no?

  2. Michael Ely

    Hi Allee. It’s no secret that I’m dyslexic. No matter how many times I read what I wrote, I still misspell my words. Yes, of course I meant “serving stand” not a “severing stand”!!! Funny how that came out!

    Please correct my spelling anytime you wish!

    There are six plates and I’m not sure where they were made (I’m too lazy to go and look). Probably made in China!

  3. BeeJay

    Michael – awesome! And your cowboy and rodeo plates always make me green of envy. To our wedding we got such a sweet custom made picnic basket for my Vespa, but unfortunately a few months later I had to sell my dear vehicle.