Cactus Flower Planter & Candleholder

Submitted by kookykrafts June 20th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This planter is multi-tasking and also holds 2 candles.  I’m not sure how that works if hot, scorching wax drips down on the resident plant.  Thank  goodness for dripless candles, I guess. Or maybe they expected you to plant a cactus garden in it and think cacti just love the heat, no matter how intense.  I always think of the flower on this as a cactus flower but it also looks like a giant sunflower – with a little blue and yellow bird just to the right, under the flower.  Green leaves are sprouting up from the bottom on both sides.  This planter has kind of a nice flat, airbrushed finish on it but is highlighted with GOLD!!!

2 Responses to “Cactus Flower Planter & Candleholder”

  1. Allee Willis

    Totally unusual and a little insane with all that’s going on which, of course, makes for excellent kitsch!

    I see the two candleholders on the ends. So is it open behind the giant cactus flower to plant things?

    How tall is this? And are there any markings on the bottom to indicate how old it is?

  2. kookykrafts

    Yes, I fell in love with this one when I saw it. I’m always shocked (but gleeful) when I find something this nice at a thrift store that is not chipped or cracked. The entire top is open for planting something in. There is an old paper foil sticker on the bottom that is very slightly torn that says “Made in Japan”; Reg us pat off; and the name of a company (I think it says Wales, but the writing is a bit distorted); and there is a picture of a tiny crown. It has four stubby little feet on the bottom.