Lamb Swan in a Mushroom Garden with Elves

Submitted by kookykrafts June 29th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I made this fantastical “Lamb Swan in a Mushroom Garden with Elves” cake sculpture as a tiny fantasy world inhabited by exotic members of the animal and plant world. The garden is populated by a little brown chipmunk, a blue rooster, a chick hatching from an egg, a pink rabbit and three green elves, who are frolicking amongst smaller toadstools that I created from plastic egg bases and faux icing caps. I used a Pez dispenser for the swan’s head and a little white rabbit-baby is sitting in a tiny green nest on his back. This garden, where I think Dr. Seuss would be very happy, is also populated by three trippy handmade faux icing magic mushrooms (one of them with a tiny plastic baby sprouting out of the top) – and tiny lucite flowers sprinkled around the ground.  This sculpture is constructed on a 2 x 10 inch dense styrofoam base and stands about 7 inches tall.

5 Responses to “Lamb Swan in a Mushroom Garden with Elves”

  1. Allee Willis

    The title, Lamb Swan in a Mushroom Garden with Elves, says it all!

    I’m pretty sure the swan developed a lamb head by eating the magic mushrooms. I love rabbits resting in nests. This is a whole lot of crazy going on in 7 inches, and thankfully so.

  2. kookykrafts

    Good morning! Ha, yes. The magic mushrooms are definitely exerting their influence on this environment. I’m really glad I found these swan forms – actually feather covered birds I have that I strip the feathers off of – for the body of the Swan Lamb. The feathered swans themselves are pretty cool but sometimes the feathers get funky so I am able to recycle the bodies.

  3. shirlie williams

    OMG I love this… everything about it ticks my boxes…love the suprised looking tiny baby on top of the blue tree, he is like whoah look at all this frosting…..Fabulous