5 Responses to “Plant Filled Car”

  1. Mark Milligan

    Wow Shirlie this is great. Do you know what brand of car it was? I’m not that familar with cars in the UK. Was it a Rolls?

  2. shirlie williams

    Mark I am dreadful at identifying cars, as the picture was taken 4 yrs ago I have lost any details I might have had, of course nowadays with AWMOK to share with I try and get all the deatils.
    I can see in the picture that the only person interested is me the rest are looking away !!

    Do you think its a Rolls Mark ?

  3. Mark Milligan

    It is hard to tell. That was my first impression, but the Bentley shares the same basic body with the Rolls, so it could be a Bentley too.

    With the plants and sitting on it’s nose like that, I’m not sure I can id the car either! But it’s a great pic!