Space-Age Max Factor Lotion Dispenser

Submitted by Nessa June 30th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

An older gentleman at a Flea Market I frequent gave me this for free.  He said “I know you will like this” and insisted I take it.  He’s right, I like it!  But I’m kind of scared it will explode and leave nasty vintage lotion everywhere.  BUT… it is a really cool vintage Max Factor lotion bottle, that is space-age and totally interesting… in it’s original box.

Here it is out of the package.  You can’t really see it but it says “World of Beauty Lotion” and “Max Factor of Hollywood.”

Here it is with its box and instructions.  I haven’t been able to open it, but I haven’t really tried, since I don’t want to end up wearing 50+ year old lotion.

Here are the instructions.  I kind of wish I could refill it with something new, coz it really does look cool on  a dresser.

3 Responses to “Space-Age Max Factor Lotion Dispenser”

  1. Allee Willis

    I can’t even tell you how completely crazy I am about this. Not only is it Max Factor but it’s the world in orbit. Not to mention that it comes complete with the box and paperwork. This is really something special.

    Can you smell the lotion even though you haven’t opened it?

    Is it flat on the bottom? If not, wouldn’t the lotion spill out as soon as you opened it?

    This is really my favorite lotion holder I’ve ever seen!

    • Nessa

      Allee, it is totally round, it only is able to sit upright because of the ring that goes around it. Pretty ingenious design! I haven’t been able to smell the lotion, but I might hold it over sink and try to open it. It wouldn’t have spilled upon opening, I don’t think, because the actual dispenser-hole is very tiny… but I’m afraid of it squirting because the years have made it very thin and liquidy, not lotion-consistency at all… but the tiny opening makes it impossible to refill, too.