4 Responses to “Friday already”

  1. Allee Willis

    Sorry I’m just getting to this on Saturday…

    I’m sure casual sex day was happening in many an office back in the day this graphic depicts.

    Don’t even ask me how much I hated garter belts and nylons. I tried it in the eighth grade and both were immediately eliminated from my repertoire.

  2. john switzer

    I know, I know, crazy clothing. Remember dickies,sort of a fake turtleneck? Also 8th grade & eliminated from my repertoire.

    I saw Bourdain make fun of Zimmerman for the hankie in his blazer pocket. Folded just so..

    It had a french name[the hankie]. Anyone know it? I’ve forgotten.

  3. john switzer

    I used to live in dickies…[there is a lot to work with there..]Unfortunatly, my head just exploded from the shear number of jokes this remark produced. xx JLS