9 Responses to “THE Mr. Peanut”

  1. Allee Willis

    Without question, this is my favorite peanut I’ve ever seen. Way better than any official Mr. Peanut merchandise or memorabilia here in the US. I absolutely love how his hands are holding the peanut. Hard for me to single out any feature though as he’s so becoming. And his little happy face is so sweet.

    What’s inside the The Peanut Place?

  2. windupkitty

    What’s inside the peanut place? hahahaha…ummmmmmm

    hands down the best anthropomorphic peanut ever…he reminds me of Stan Laurel….

  3. weave1022

    That’s a tall drink of a peanut……. but I bet your kids and grandkids will always remember this as their favorite picture!!

  4. mike winer

    What an Honour – Thanks Allie
    Windupkitty – The peanut place is full of peanut stuff – and 13 different flavoured peanut varieties – There slogan is “The best place to get your nuts”

    • mike winer

      Dear k2dtw, Many peanut farmers in Queensland, lots of farmers in general. Their farming types are often expressed by great big kitsch things – The big marino sheep in Golburn NSW, The big orange near Toowoomba, the giant pineapple on the sunshine coast, Queensland, the big prawn in South Australia, the big bull in Rockhampton, Queensland, the big trout at Adamindiby, NSW, the big Mango near Bowen and I have heard there is a big potato somewhere
      Thanks for the peanut blessing.
      Mick W