Hiring the right contractor 3

Submitted by windupkitty July 19th, 2011
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During a renovation like this, you always have days that include a lot of waiting…Today was one such day…Apply one layer of stucco, let it dry for an hour, and then apply another….

You just have to wait…

And wait…

And WAIT……

But you really can’t expect Sock Monkey to just sit around bored, can you? Why there’s so much to do when there are so many tools and things around! Hmmm….what’s this?! It looks fun!

It IS fun!!!!!! But don’t forget, Sock Monkey, that construction sites are NOT playgrounds!

See what I mean! Now you’re stuck!!!!

Phew! That was a close one!

Yeah, I think it’s best you put that away so nobody else gets hurt!

Uh oh! What did you find now!?!?! NO,NO Sock Monkey! It’s not time to paint yet, but don’t worry, you will get to soon…..

19 Responses to “Hiring the right contractor 3”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love how closely Sock is inspecting each little patch of stucco.

    I got really excited when I saw the yellow mesh tape. The photo of Sock posing tail-gripping the tape kills me. His lumpy belly and groin area are standouts too. Ok, the photo where he’s stuck is as good as it gets. His hands positions are perfect and his smile that looks like his tongue is popping out of his mouth a little really makes it look like he’s squirming to get out. How did he get his do-rag back on?

    It’s nice to see that Sock puts tools back in place. I’m always very neat when I work because I can’t stand to lose time looking for things.

    I’m very excited to see Sock’s painting skills. He could Velcro all three paintbrushes on his arm and get the job done very quickly.

  2. windupkitty

    hahahah I know…there was a continuity issue with the do-rag! :D I kinda don’t know what the story is going to be until I start playing around and taking pictures…

    oooo! that’s a good idea with the paint brushes!! i’m racking up the CdC award, huh!?!?!? Thanks QoK!!!!

  3. weave1022

    I love how you chose NOT to have the obvious monkey business of being wrapped up in the paint tape… very cleaver! He seems so “innocent” in all his Shenanigans … must be that deadpan smile of his!

  4. Mark Milligan

    What do you mean when you say “I kinda don’t know what the story is going to be.”? Haha! Like you have some kind of control over what’s going to happen next with that creature! He’s amazing, and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

    You’re like Dame Jane Goodall! Nothing like a good serial. Go Windup!

    • windupkitty

      HAhahaha! You’re right…I’m always trying to pull it off like I’m in control…but it’s the wise folk like you who see right through me….That monkey is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!! :D

      You know what? If I could actually become the Jane Goodall of Sock Monkeys, my work here would be done…I think you nailed it, Mark…thanks for helping me find my calling….I’m totally serious…..

  5. k2dtw

    Woderful post!!..
    HGTV should call you, they totally need some annimation… “Sock Monkey House Crasher Shenanigans”…smile
    (Anyone watching HGTV???).. I would love to see Sock Monkey at Home Depot, trying to get Barbie to take him home with her…LOL.. ..OMG…I am totally loving the Jane Goodall of Sock Monkeys inspiration!! …This is too much fun!!!…

  6. windupkitty

    hahahaha…i LOVE the idea of a swarm of sock monkeys taking over houses for renovations or well, whatever…maybe total destruction! :D

    Sock Monkey House Crasher Shenanigans is a brilliant title…i just like that phrase no matter what!

  7. Mark Milligan

    traveling, driving, deep sea diving.

    some are doctors, some are teachers, some are-I tell you the sky is the limit here.

    then there are the characters. Elvis meets Ben Stein, Nick Cage meets Willa Cather. Okay maybe the last one is a stretch.

    Ha! Some travel. hmmmmm.

  8. weave1022

    If Sock Monkey needs to vacation, from all his hard work, send him to me…….. He can enjoy some traveling and see the world!!

    • windupkitty

      oh man….the ideas are flying! I am, at the moment, completely stuck on the Willa Cather/ NIck Cage scenario…I would like to see Ben Stein interview Nick Cage impersonating Willa Cather…oh wait, no I wouldn’t…..maybe Elvis presiding over the marriage of Ben Stein and Willa Cather with Sock Monkey as a ring bearer? But, then where does Nick Cage go? An usher?….I’m so confused…

      i love the idea of Sock Monkey traveling, but then I think he’d have to dress as a garden gnome…he’s totally up for that, though…Flat Stanley looks pretty cool…I just read about him for the first time…pretty cool….

      this happens to be a special sock monkey…he is the first one I sewed when I decided to start making these again and he almost made the trash…I ripped 2 gigantic holes in his head then crudely sewed on his eyes with embroider thread to close the holes…he’s grown on me though and he’s a good model for other sock monkey clothes…also, he loves animals, so he’s a very nice companion…

      it’s completely awesome that the Jane Goodall monkey sold for so much…she’s someone I truly admire and I’m glad it went to such a good cause…

  9. Mark Milligan

    What are you talking about Jane Goodall monkey?

    I saw Kathie’s post but didn’t know what she was talking about.