6 Responses to “This + This = This!”

  1. Allee Willis

    YOWSAH!!!!! A mermaid baby!!! So completely mutant and strange. And that head is so oversized.

    I love your recipe-like presentation.

    Are all 3 your possessions? That mermaid baby is probably what’s going to start happening to humans if the environment isn’t taken more seriously.

  2. Douglas Wood

    Actually, all three are my wife’s possessions, but they were given to her by moi. (The first one is standing on a paperweight with the help of some of that blue putty you use to prevent items from falling/breaking during an earthquake.) I just happened to stumble upon the mermaid baby on eBay and immediately knew I HAD to buy it, and that my wife would totally appreciate the unique and disturbing beauty of it.