12 Responses to “8-Track Museum”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’ve seen it this before and thought then as I do now that an eight track museum is a fantastic and idiosyncratic idea. I myself never embraced the eight track trend. It was vinyl or cassettes for me. The cartridges just seemed too bulky. But later as a collector I’ve amassed quite a few of them. Not enough for a Museum but a well-rounded and insane grouping nonetheless. I’m so happy a museum actually exists for this.

  2. Lisa Rios

    I do like the idea of an 8 track museum but I seriously hated the 8 track. Any form of music delivery that thinks it’s OK to cut a song in 1/2 should be illegal!! Most annoying thing ever!

      • Lisa Rios

        They literally had 4 tracks to them. So the end of the 1st track on the 8 track is the middle of let’s say the 3rd song on side 1 of an album. You would hear an actual f’n fade on the song, HUGE click as your 8track changes tracks & a fade in of the 2nd half of the 3rd song on the album! Massacred the listening experience. With out a DOUBT the most kitschy music delivery system ever.

  3. NancyKateGraysonDesign

    8 tracks brought FREEDOM to what we heard in our cars, nothing short of a miracle for the times. It was the step to Music bliss. Bucks reviews that time in history in this piece, bad hair day or not, he’s hot.

  4. Mark Milligan

    This is excellent!
    I need to get some 8-tracks for my ’78 Seville. Mel found me a Cadillac demo 8-track on ebay, which I bought for $4. It has Barry Manilow and Roger Whittaker, and I love to listen to it when I drive to Ralph’s in Palm Springs. Allee are any of your songs on 8-tracks?

    • Allee Willis

      I would have said no except that I when I found the incredible round eight track player that sits in my living room to this day it had an eight track tape in it. And that tape was Earth, Wind & Fire’s “I AM”,the LP that changed my career because I wrote all but two songs on it.I’m sure some of the other ones trickled on the 8-tracks but that format was going out when I had my first hit in late ’78.

  5. Michael Ely

    I hated 8-tracks too. The tape was always jamming up in my player, and trying to pull the tape out of the player was a nightmare.

    @Mark. I have some 8-tracks to send to you. Send me your address in a private message on FB.

  6. Mark Milligan

    Thanks so much Michael!

    NKGD-I couldn’t agree more, where and when I grew up we had KOMA am radio out of Oklahoma City, and that is all.