Ugly Christmas Wreaths Want Nots

Submitted by weave1022 July 26th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

What would a “Christmas Want Not” be without a couple of wreaths?  And, everybody was so into the Ugly Christmas Sweaters…..  I couldn’t resist.  This first one is like someone “puked” Santa’s alllllllll  over it.  I know my sister is a “Santa” collector…..  but something just seems so wrong combining so many Santa’s in one place:But the ultimate “Want Not” wreath is this one that I found the following year.  An all Deluxe Plastic Wreath Shaped Working CLOCK that not only displays the Twelve Days of Christmas (with lights), but……….SINGS each and everyone of them at the strike of the hour! Good thing our rules said NO RETURNING!!!

One Response to “Ugly Christmas Wreaths Want Nots”

  1. Allee Willis

    So happy to see you doing something on Christmas wreaths, an artifact that to me is often either left too much alone and has no personality as it’s so generic, or goes completely the other way and is a smorgasbord of kitschy taste.