2 Responses to “Snappy Knockoff Crackers”

  1. Allee Willis

    Oh boy, if only the Dollar Store had a website I’m sure crates of these crackers would be on their way to Snappy P’s house as we speak!

    When were you in Riverside? One of my favorite soul food places on the planet, Graham’s Mission Barbecue, is there. I was also there recently because The Color Purple played at the beautifully restored Fox theater in Riverside. There used to be 10 times as many thrift shops as are left there now but I still always make excellent finds when I take a thrift trip there. The trip would be enhanced if I were chomping down on Snappys.

    • Rusty

      This was taken a couple of years ago (and just came across it) but I’ve spent a good deal of time in that area. Thrifting is good. Had some great finds at local yard sales too.