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Somebody loved this crew as they all look pretty amazing although the lady with the flip looked looks like she just wind.  “Who me”?

10 Responses to “THE MIDWESTERN QUARTET “For God So Loved” – LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    Judging from their hair, I think all the Midwesteners had the same father.

    All the hair arrangements are spectacular but extra kuos must ge given to the guy in the bottom row. He had to have run out of Brylcreem while stacking his locks.

    Love the sharkskin suits. Nice drapes on the women.

  2. jenib12345

    Two of the quartet are my parents. If mom’s dress had been drapes, Scarlett O’hara would have had nothing on her. Lol.Seriously, my mom was considered the hottest mom in the PTA. My ear’s voiced has been compared to the late Jim Reeves. He is 75 and still has a three octave range. Thanks for remembering them.

  3. denny

    Fantastic! Does mom and dad still sing and perform?

    The matching outfits are killer but I must say, the ladt that is standing reminds me of Eydie Gourmet.

    Welcome to awmok!

  4. jenib12345

    My parents are standing next to each other. My dad is the handsome man in the middle sporting the awesome hair. Yes, they’re both still living and as I said before, his voice still has a three octave range. Also they are still as handsome and beautiful as they were then. I guess they missing the age gene. Dad still sings at church now and then and when we are together at home our whole family jams. Thank you for your site. It has thrilled them to be remembered.

  5. denny

    Thanks for giving us the heads up here! Mom and Dad are a handsome couple for sure. What year was this album recorded? Mom’s hair is stellar!