Clown Motel!

Submitted by Cheetah Velour August 15th, 2011
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If you are ever in the beautiful state of Nevada, make sure you stop by the Clown Motel in Tonopah!

Everyone is welcome at the Clown Motel! It helps of you like clowns. LOTS AND LOTS OF CLOWNS.

The lifesize clown below rides shotgun in the annual town parade.

There are even clowns for sale if you want to bring a little bit of the Clown Motel home with you.

It was hard to choose only one favorite thing, but this next painting was my very favorite thing I spotted in the lobby.

After checking in, I was a little nervous about what might be waiting for me in my room. Every room has an identical hand-crafted clown on the door.

I asked for a smoke-free room, but  I also happened to get a clown-free room.  Apparently some guests go around the room covering up all clown pictures because they just can’t take it. Really? Next time I go, I’m going to ask for the room with the MOST clowns.

Here’s one more shot of the lobby, just for good measure:

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at the Clown Motel. Friendly people, a comfy bed, good value…and did I mention CLOWNS?

I know that some people find clowns a little scary. That’s ok. If you stay at the Clown Motel and need to look at something else, there is a pioneer cemetery conveniently located right across the parking lot.

It will certainly take your mind off the clowns.

11 Responses to “Clown Motel!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I never even heard of this place let alone the city it’s in, Tonopah.

    I love that the sign on the pole says the rooms are $3450. Plus tax no less. And I always love signs where the words are so spread out as to almost not make sense: Pets OK Dish TV.

    Under normal circumstances I’m not drawn to clowns at all but in this particular case I would race to Tonopah.

    How on earth could they have given you a room with no clowns?????

    Are there different themed clowns rooms or just a boatload of clowns whereever you look (except in your room)? And are they all over the motel or just in the guest rooms (except in your room)?

    This is definitely a productive way that makes financial sense of someone dealing with their collection!

    Your excellent documentation is much appreciated!

    • BRBill

      As immortalized in Little Feat’s “Willin”….”I’ve been from Tucson to Tucumcari/Tahatchapee to Tonopah/driven every kind of rig that’s ever been made/driven the back roads so i wouldn’t get weighed/and if ya give me weed, whites and wine…”

  2. Cheetah Velour

    Ooh, the coveted Camembert! Thank you, Allee!!!

    I peeked into a couple of the other rooms and didn’t see too many clowns. They just looked like standard motel rooms, although they had some framed pictures of clowns. My room may have been the only one that was completely clown-free.

    I suppose a modest standard room is the only way you’d ever get any sleep after seeing all the clowns in the lobby & outside of the building.

  3. Cheetah Velour

    Hmm…let me think about it…

    Off the top of my my head, I’d say visit the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas if you haven’t already been!

    Also in Sparks (just outside Reno on I-80) is Scheel’s sporting goods superstore- I haven’t been there yet, but I’m dying to go! I heard they have animatronic presidents, more taxidermy than you can shake a stick at, and 30 flavors of fudge.

    “Special attractions include eight life-like bronze sculptures; two 16,000 gallon aquariums full of brilliant colored fish; a 35 foot tall, 800 square foot Wildlife Mountain; a 65-foot, 16-car operating Ferris Wheel; a Home Décor and Gift Lodge; a nostalgic shooting gallery, a Buck Hunter simulator, and a 4 sport simulator with sports including basketball, soccer, baseball and football, where customers can test their skills. You can also push your driving skills to the limit in the new NASCAR simulator! The Walk of Presidents and many more amenities makes this shopping adventure unlike anything the Reno-Sparks retail customer has ever experienced.”

    Other kitschy Reno area favorites include the Wilbur D. May museum, the restaurant/lounge at the Peppermill, Sierra Sid’s Casino (with the guns and jewels of Elvis on display), Magic Carpet miniature golf, FABULOUS thrift shopping…

    I’ll have to think more about what’s in between Vegas and Reno…if I think of anything, I’ll let you know! :)

  4. Douglas Wood

    Wow– this is truly the stuff of nightmares. Finally a motel that’s scarier than the Bates! Wonder if there’s a John Wayne Gacy statue on the premises? I love the lowest sign in the first photo– nice to know the Bozos who run this place not only provide Internet service but also truckers.

  5. mike winer

    One of the best things in life is coming across a great roadside hotel. And this one is indeed great. What a find and thanks for sharing