2 Responses to “Vogue 1962, 20×16 (a painting by Denny)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Perfect! She’s so Braniff airlines Stewardess looking, circa 1968 though. ’62 seems a pinch too early.

    She even has matching orange ears. Is that a #1 on her hat or a decoration of some sort? Really like her little cropped hair, or is that hat fringe? And I love the way that her turtleneck literally goes all the way up. Looks like the suit could be made of rubber.

    She looks annoyed that another passenger has asked for coffee refill though.

  2. denny

    ’68 it is!

    Her orange ears are actually earrings that are hiding her ears.

    That is a decoration on her hat and not a number one.

    She is always annoyed. :)