5 Responses to “Jr. Pan Cum Cooker”

  1. Allee Willis

    Unbelievable!! What are these people thinking??!! And the mom showing her daughter… Cum cum now. And “Times change, Values don’t.” ARE THEY NUTS????!!!

    What does this thing actually do?

  2. Rusty

    It’s a bad translation. The ‘cum cooker’ is a pressure cooker pan from India. As it is often with poorly translated products, the results are unintentionally funny.

    Should you want one for yourself or to gift, they are available at Santo’s Spice in San Leandro: http://santosspice.com/

    I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it on the shelf.

  3. Douglas Wood

    This is hilarious, Rusty! I finally figured out the “logic” behind this (note my quotation marks): I think they’re using “cum” as Latin, meaning “with,” or “along with” as when it’s used as Magna-cum-laude, or (according to the Free Dictionary) “between two nouns to designate an object of a combined nature– a kitchen-cum-dining room. Still, it’s one of the funniest poor translations I’ve ever seen.