5 Responses to “Vintage Cadillac car spotted in Provincetown, MA”

  1. denny

    The Black Pearl is an Inn.

    We actually looked at it to buy but couldn’t get anyone to invest and we couldn’t do it on our own.

  2. Mark Milligan

    I can just feel this thing floating around town as I envision driving it. One of the things I still find intriguing about many of the cars in the 50’s, particularly GM models, is the clever way they hid the place where you fill the tank. In some of these old Caddies, the tail light completely lifted up on a hinge to reveal a gas cap. I don’t know if they did it on the ’53’s, but the same was true for many Olds models, as well as Buick and Pontiac, but always a separate configuration for each brand. Nice pictures Denny. The font on the side of this one is very similar to the font on the dealership out in Sherman Oaks called “Casa de Cadillac.” I decided to google it so I could show you a picture, and there was something online that Charles Phoenix had posted already. http://www.charlesphoenix.com/2004/09/2004-09-09/

  3. denny

    Thanks Mark! That’s some cool info. I had no idea that any car had the gas cap hiding in a tail light.

    I grew up riding in Cadillacs. My grandfather always had cadillacs.