The Triumph of being a Muffinaire.

Submitted by Markydoodle August 17th, 2011
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Sorting through kitchen items of my Mom’s I ran across and brought home a muffin tin that I remember belonged to my Grandmother.  It is well worn, and of course,quite old.

The small print on the bottom says “patent pending 1921,” and the barely visible logo on the top says “UAP.”  This six-cup muffin tin, which has a hole at the top for hanging, was manufactured by a company called United Aircraft Products, of Dayton, Ohio.  I remember Grandma baking us blueberry muffins in these when I was a kid.

Somewhere along the line, UAP sold it’s heat exchanger business, which made the “muffinaire” tins, to a company by the name of Parker Hannifin, which in turn sold the dies to a company in the UK by the name of Triumph Motorcycles.  As it turns out, Triumph is the last remaining major motorcycle manufacturer in Great Britain.  And the vintage Triumph Thunderbird (with a Watsonian “double wide” side car,) actually has a cooking connection.  It’s the motorcycle with a sidecar that Clarissa Dickson White, and Jennifer Paterson rode in the reality TV show “Two Fat Ladies Cooking,” which was shown on the food network in this country.  I love that show to this very day.  Neither my Grandmother, nor my Mom were ever anything but skinny as rails, so they certainly weren’t “Two Fat Ladies Cooking,” but I do love that the muffin tin my Grandma bought sometime in the 1920’s has a connection to a BBC cooking show that I also loved.  Life is funny that way sometimes.

2 Responses to “The Triumph of being a Muffinaire.”

  1. Allee Willis

    To say I love the name Muffinaire is an understatement! And the fact that it’s owned by Triumph and then that it ties into Two Fat Ladies Cooking, another excellent name, is just too good. But what’s even better, as usual with your posts, is the story you tell about it all and your follow-through with detail. Much appreciated by the curator!

    Have you made any good muffins lately?

  2. Mark Milligan

    I just bought one in Thousand Oaks this week at a Starbucks that had it been named by Native Americans it would’ve been called “Thousand Crumbs on a Crotch” as I drove to Santa Barbara on the 101 trying to snarf it with a little Joe.