Submitted by denny August 21st, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I saw this at the Joan of Arc Thrift Shop.  I love, love, love cats but I sure don’t think too highly of this cat artwork.  CODS is obviously a play on words because with a New England accent CARDS comes out sounding like “CODS”.

6 Responses to “CATS PLAYING CODS – artwork”

  1. Allee Willis

    No, no… It’s not just “cods” because they’re playing with cards; it’s cuz they’re playing with fish. But, yes, yards sounds like “cods” in that New England accent that drives me nutty. (Sounds like everyone went to polo school.)

    This is an excellent companion piece to imfluff’s My My My Poker Fluff: ttp:// Yummmmmm, fluff ‘n fish!

  2. Mark Milligan

    How much did they want for that Denny?
    About how big was it?
    Is Joan of Arc Thrift shop on Cape Cod?

    I kinda like it. The picture of the ship captain at the wheel in the background slays me.

    Is the parrot on the cat’s shoulder smoking a cigar?

    • denny

      I think this was selling for $3.00.

      Catty Sark! Priceless.

      Mark, when you get to the Cape I’ll take you to Joan of Arc! It’s not far from the house and I make weekly visits to the shop.

      Not too sure of exact size.