5 Responses to “Denny’s Adventures In “The House of Prudence” – July 2011 – Part 31”

  1. Allee Willis

    Allee Willis

    Hideous language student that I was/am, I have no idea who it says either but that picture is so cute I wouldn’t care if it said go fuck yourself, I’d still be pouring out of it.

  2. k2dtw


    Thought it was going to be a “Pub Jug” ..a advertising jug put out by the liquor company, to serve/mix water at the bar??? ..I’ve never ever seen this one, beautiful color.

  3. Markydoodle

    Mark Milligan

    Solid Gold any way you look at it. So elegant. How big is it?

    I think Metier can also mean “forte,” or “strength” as in “God will forgive me it’s his metier.”

    Allee I love your response. It evoked scenes of sophistication like Sotheby’s Auctions, only they would say “up for auction, item number 386, the “go fuck yourself pitcher.”