blue green pitcher, unknown origin

Submitted by Ted Nimmo August 25th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

We’ve had this and two others of the same color but different designs kickin’ around our kitchen for decades.  I think two of them were Earl’s mothers and one of them was my grandmothers.  Neither woman was a collector and the pitchers were likely to have been used for their intended function which would have been serving libations.  I tried using the flatbed scanner on the bottom for the makers mark to no avail, it’s a logo undecipherable  to me with the words made in the USA and the number 1333.

7 Responses to “blue green pitcher, unknown origin”

  1. Allee Willis

    Unless it’s a repro, which I doubt, it looks like a classic 1930s or 40s pitcher. Absolutely beautiful color and in perfect shape. Everything tastes better when it’s poured out of one of these.

  2. Ted Nimmo

    Thanks for the compliments. A special thank you to Michael. With the lead you gave me, I’m having a super terrific time researching hall china from the last century. :0). P.S. My Day of the Dead tile arrived. It’s awesome. I have them bookmarked on my desktop and I plan to treat my self to one tile every payday til they run out of designs. I LOVE Them!