Dear … oh dear.

Submitted by El Bee August 25th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I’m not an Osmond fan, but should I happen to change my fickle mind, I found a box of stationery perfect for my first fan letter. (A white paper label on the side of the box reads Osbro Productions, 1973 Osmond Stationery)

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  1. El Bee

    No, unfortunately the envelopes are plain, and the same shade as the bottom of the box. I didn’t have any luck searching on line for this item either. I am so proud of earning my first CertifiKitsch of AuthenKitschity- thank you, Allee!

    • El Bee

      It’s in great shape- at least what remains of the set- of 20 envelopes, 11 were in the box, and only 6 sheets of paper with the photo(20 originally, according to the box)- the remaining 20 sheets or so are plain green. The bottom of the box says, in part, “Montag’s Osmond Dream Cloud No. 200-89-4534”