Cozy, Buy em by the sack!

Submitted by weave1022 August 31st, 2011
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Little hamburger joint in my hometown…  with a lot of history (  You and everyone within 100 feet of you will know if you had “cozies” for lunch or dinner.  The onion odor drifts from you for hours.  People have been known to go home, shower and change after eating them.

They are great..  especially at the bar with a bag of chips and ice cold bottle of pop.  If you ever head this way..  stop by and try one.  If not, the do ship them world wide on dry ice…  for real!!

4 Responses to “Cozy, Buy em by the sack!”

  1. Allee Willis

    No problem at all getting me into the Cozy Inn for that delicious looking cheeseburger. Excellent photo BTW. I love anyplace that sells hamburgers and encourages you to buy them “by the sac”.

    Tell me again what city this is in, please? I’m not a traveler but if I’m ever in the area there is no question I’m going to hit the Cozy.

    Do you know what year it opened?

  2. weave1022

    In 1922 a tiny 6-stool diner was opened in downtown Salina, Kansas.

    I can only eat four……….but have seen some eat at least a dozen at one sitting.

    The website listed above tells more and has other photos…for those interested!

  3. windupkitty

    wow, i would eat this minus the meat…i know, that’s evil to say, but cheese and onions??? yum!!!! i LOVE this place already…