Dickeyville Grotto ??

Submitted by weave1022 September 8th, 2011
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

I found these salt and pepper shakers for 99 cents at a thrift store.  The name caught my eye…….of course!!  Couldn’t believe this could be a real place till I did the “google”.  And sure enough, there is such a place.  They seem to contradict the style of the Grotto, but I’ll let you be judge.  Perfect condition if any collectors are interested!


2 Responses to “Dickeyville Grotto ??”

  1. Allee Willis

    Normally I wouldn’t be attracted to anything this traditional looking or that had a big cross on it. And I certainly wouldn’t be giving it AWMOK’s highest honor, the Classique De Camembert. But not only have I never heard of Dickeyville Grotto, Wis. – and I spent many a year in Wisconsin – but I wouldn’t expect that name to be associated with religion, let alone have their own salt-and-pepper shakers. But clicking on your link led me to a whole other Wonderland I can’t believe I never knew about. So I bestoy the Camembert on the whole of Dickeyville Grotto and I thank you for turning our eyeballs toward it.

  2. weave1022

    You’re welcome Allee! I couldn’t take my “eyebulbs” off of the shakers or the site either!! What a place. I hope you get to visit it sometime……. just for the experience!
    I do not usually purchase salt & pepper shakers, nor am I interested in this “colonial???” style. But found it so odd to have that “elegant” style of pitcher with the gold trim, then to slap the Dickeyville Grotto logo on top was just too much for me to pass up. Bought just to post for you!!!
    Thank you for the honor!