Tiki Parti-Lites

Submitted by BRBill September 14th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

A couple of weeks ago i went into Kerry Beary’s Atomic Pop Shop right down Government Street from me. She sells used vinyl, her retro pop art, jewelry, her husbands refurbished working vintage radios and tvs and other fun stuff. This was on the counter. I wanted to buy it. She said no that’s for me. Ok sez i tho the next time i return it’ll be with a camera. And this is the result.

Still in the sealed package with price sticker still attached from a long closed store…..and there will be much more to follow from the Atomic Pop Shop photographic expedition…

2 Responses to “Tiki Parti-Lites”

  1. Allee Willis

    The good news is they still make these. Always better, of course, to find a vintage set, especially one that’s still in the box and with its original price tag. But once they’re hanging you can’t tell the difference. They’re slightly hard-to-find but they definitely still exist.

    Absolutely awaiting more goodies that lay within Atomic Pop Shop!