The Fab Two

Submitted by BeeJay September 17th, 2011
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Since I joined AWMOK I planned to make a post about my beloved Dad Edgar and his twinbrother Dagobert. The two were born in 1939 as the last of five kids and till the moment of their birth my grandparents weren´t even aware they are expecting TWO little fellas. My uncle arrived first, 5 minutes later my Dad said hello to this world and a wonderful story of two brothers with an incredible strong bond to each other began.

As our entire family have been always  passionate hobby photographers – and I´m not braggin´about this – there are literally thousands of photos of the two. I don´t know how many pics I can add to one post – it was not easy to pick them, as they are ALL fabulous. I just let them speak for themself.

With their sibblings in the garden of the schoolhouse they grew up, my Grandpa was the principal.

Needless to say that the girls always had a soft spot for them!

Cars cars cars…I had to pick one of so many.

Both always have been passionate Twist, Swing and Lindy Hop dancers, they were known in all ballrooms, clubs and never missed a party.

This pic maybe explains my soft spot for Pee-wee Herman.

The boys together with my beautiful Mum.

And another one taken at any of the countless journeys they did together.

Till today my father and his brother never been seperated for longer than 3 weeks, they studied together, worked together, call each other several times a day and they went to all the ups and downs in their history side by side.

As some of you already know my Dad sadly got diagnosed with renal cancer. During the last months his brother didn´t leave his side, talking for hours to him together with my Mum while he was put in induced coma after one of the surgeries, always ready to donate one of his kidneys if neccessary, supported him during his rehabilitaion and treatment and still does.

I wanted to share this with you to express how grateful I am to have such positive , creative, loving, funny and incredible great men in my family.

I hope you enjoy the pics like I do every time I look on them!

5 Responses to “The Fab Two”

  1. Allee Willis

    Well, this is just a stupendous post. Am awarding a Camembert because they seem like such great guys. Really really really wishing your dad well.

    Really like the shot of them horsing around at the party. Them in their baby bonnets in the 1st photo kill me too.

    Love the shot with your mom. Excellent headband!

    Really love their noses, especially in that profile shot with the red bowties. Their noses totally follow the girl in the poster’s collar line.

    How lucky you are to have a family that took so many photos. I have very few from my childhood, despite the fact that my parents took a lot and shot a lot of movies. When my father remarried, my stepmother made him throw everything out to make more room. Don’t start me…

    • BeeJay

      Thanks so much, Allee, for the camembert and specially for your well wishes. That´s what we all wish for my Dad. At the moment he´s doin´really well, even his docs say his current condition is a miracle after all he went through, he seriously is in better shape like me! He will have a re-staging in a few weeks and all our fingers are crossed.

      The twins are dearly loved by everyone who knows them, both have a tremendous positive and liberal attitude for life that is contagious and a great sense for humor. I love them both so very much.

      I´m so sorry to hear about your stepmom throwing out what was so precious for you, that is just not right, everyone should be able to keep these treasures.

      I will give forward your wishes and I know my Dad will really apprechiate it, thank you! xoxo

  2. denny

    What the hell is the “lindy hop”! Sounds like an incredibly, fantastic dance routine? Do tell!

    Bettina, these pics are fantastic! Thanks for posting these. The little space suit jumpers (in the first pic) still kill me! It’s my favorite picture from this series!

    • BeeJay

      Allee described it very well! Look it up on youtube, you will love it, Denny. My Dad and my uncle were known for their incredible acrobatic Lindy Hop skills, my Grandma was always afraid they will hurt themself :)
      I remember the two still performing the headstand you can see in one of the pics above not long ago in italy, we have photos of that. Later unfortunately my Dad accidently fell of the roof by fixing something and afterwards he couldn´t do it anymore. He´s still (again) in very good condition though.