6 Responses to “A little helper to tan your ass-crack”

  1. Allee Willis

    All the usual jokes about “where the sun don’t shine” obviously apply here. This is absolutely staggering that this was a real product. Although not as staggering as the texture of that skin! If that’s what the sun’s gonna do to your ass crack, even more reason to keep it out of there.

  2. Kyle Dayton

    Is this really what happens to used-up spools of thread when all their string is gone?! My home ec teacher never mentioned this. Douglas was right…nearly speechless…wow.

  3. Brother Cleve

    I spent the last decade working on the island of St Barths. I obviously missed an opportunity for financial gain by not opening a shop to sell these. Is this what they mean by the “St Tropez tan”?????