2 Responses to “CANDY MACHINE”

  1. Allee Willis

    I do love a good joke but not when it involves anything having to do with emergency response. I also don’t think that whoever did this is a very good writer as there’s too much repetition. Obviously, if you are going to pull “for delicious candy” this would be some sort of a “candy machine” and therefore the top sign isn’t necessary. Beyond anything, what’s that slop on the side of the “candy machine”?

  2. BRBill

    The slop looks like a bad paint job to my way too early in the morning eyes. On a related emergency response note, we used to have a “panic button” on one of the walls in the blood bank just in case anyone not authorized wandered in. It was unmarked and many was the person coming to pick up blood that went “what’s this?” while pushing it…to which i replied, “stick around for a minute and you’ll find out”. Shortly thereafter, security would arrive on the run…..