Popular 50’s 60’s Toys & Games

Submitted by MyFunCloset October 7th, 2011
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After seeing your shelf filled with old games, I thought this was a history book we can all relate to.  This an amazing book fill with pics and  text with a detailed  history of top selling toys and games dating back 1900 thru the 90’s. How each game & toy was created starting with the inventor right thru the consumers purchase, all selling millions. Just to name a few…My Potato Head, the Slinky, the Hula Hoop, Cootie, Troll doll by Dam and dozens more.

My Hula Hoops was orange, about 1958.

Very early 50’s, we raided the potato bin. Not sure if we ate them for supper or that was our toy for a few days.

About ’59 or ’60 everyone had Silly Putty. What a toy! We use to bouce it, flatten it out and copy the Sunday comics, then stretch it out.

The history of the “Slinky” is amazing. The guy makes millions of dollars…abandons his wife and 6 kids and “slinks”  off for Bolivia and gives it all to a cult. And get this…she was the brains behind the name, concept and marketing.

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  1. MyFunCloset

    This book can be found at a fraction of the retail price on Amazon. Its a real keeper for anyone who’s curious about how games/toys are developed and come to market. Its a long journey when you’re not connected.