8 Responses to “Creepy-cool”

  1. Allee Willis

    It’s actually pretty spectacular. You’re right that it’s a perfect combination of creepy and cool. I don’t usually like things this odd, somewhere between a frog and an old lady who’s somehow in the nude and with a tail and a little thrift shop lady hat.

    I always love when lipstick is sprayed onto these types of figures.

    I would’ve definitely picked this up had I stumbled upon it.

    Any manufacturer’s or artist’s markings on the bottom?

  2. USAF Retired

    Unfortunately. no markings at all, In the 50’s and 60′ there was an amusement park in Louisville that gave away alot of chalk figures as prizes. Most were marked Fontaine Ferry Park, but not all. The ones that are marked are quite collectable in Ky.

  3. Mark Milligan

    I Love it. I have no idea why Moms Mabley comes to mind when I look at this, but I want one. Maybe the way Moms used to open her eyes really wide on TV.