Submitted by Brother Cleve October 7th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Who doesn’t love shag carpeting?? Well, I’m sure there are some, but I’m not one of them! This fit in so nicely with our orange flavored living room…but I owned the carpet before moving into the new pad. I added my Saarinen table/chair set here in the 2nd pic, as the table is always on the carpet and often the chair is as well. I would have added my fabulous Stardust cocktail to the photo, as it’s purple, too (thanks to the violet hued Parfait Amour liqueur which blends with the white rum and lemon juice), but it’s too early for me to start drinking (did I say that????)

2 Responses to “Shag!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m so thankful that this was a shag carpet and not our work by Shag, who does good work and has a great sense of color but it’s so unoriginal I could choke. This shag carpet on the other hand is fantastic.

    I have many of these that I bought over the years, all different colors, but they do tend to attract my pets. I have at least 20 of them that I’ve tried to clean but you know you never quite get rid of that smell, so they’re all rolled up in plastic in my storage garage.

    Thank God I have all 3 of the things on the carpet, the chair, although not in that good of condition, a version of the table but with a polished wood top, and the little sculpture which I have in turquoise and green as well as black-and-white. But I must say the color coordination of the grouping you have is far superb to what I have.