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The Realist: Part Deux

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell October 7th, 2011
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This copy has a 19 page article called “The Murder of Malcolm X”  by Eric Norden.  The “Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Smell No Evil” article is 6 pages long and written by the editor of Realist, Paul Krassner. There are also many anti Vietnam era cartoons.

4 Responses to “The Realist: Part Deux”

  1. Brother Cleve

    I used to read The Realist as a precocious teenager whose thought process was being corrupted by Lenny Bruce, Terry Southern and Paul Krassner. After a decade of reading “Mad”, it seemed like the next step. I think someone printed a compilation book at one point. Southern’s articles were reprinted in his 1968 anthology “Red Dirt Marijuana & Other Tastes”, which is still available and is still great. My father bought me that book when I was 13. What was he thinking??? (he was thinking he had 95 cents and it would shut me up for a few hours!)

    • Bob Ramsdell

      I have the 319 page book, “How a Satirical Editor became a Yippie Conspirator in ten easy years” by Paul Krassner -Editor and Ringleader of The Realist. A very long list of short pieces by Krassner. In the four copies of the magazine that I have, there are a lot of cartoons mainly anti Vietnam war. The two other Realists I have feature a short play by Jules Fieffer and a Krassner written article “I was an abortionist for the FBI”. A great little magazine. I also have 9 issues of Ramparts of that period that I have kept all these years.

      • Brother Cleve

        I used to read Ramparts (also Esquire. which was pretty brilliant at the time) as well. Oh, and Avant Garde — remember that mag? I always enjoyed Jules Fieffer’s work, too.

        I have read “I was an abortionist for the FBI”. i remember they often had various “I Was…. stories from time to time, based on a variety of outrageous topics.

        great stuff!