Allee underground today and taking AWMOK with her…

Submitted by Allee Willis October 15th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Running around insane today on last-minute prep (my dictation software wrote ‘crap’ instead of ‘prep’ –  I guess it’s the same thing) for my Soup To Nuts live show so no new posts in the kitschenette today. I hope to have some up by tomorrow. I haven’t even completely finished writing the show let alone the sets, the souvenirs, the games, the music rehearsal –  there’s no time for an actual rehearsal of the show itself so my actual performance will be the 1st rehearsal. I’m used to flying on a high wire but this one is of a whole different nature and there certainly will be no net. So all aKitschionados, please keep all available digits crossed for your fearless leader. And thank you to aKs windupkitty, Denny and Mark Milligan who have arrived/are arriving from all points US to help me assemble final party/show touches at the house and work at the show. Whenever I think about how much work it is every day to keep this lively AWMOK institution going, I think about things like that and it calms me right down.

Awaiting Meshuggah Mel, Kookykitsch and Rusty’s arrival for the show as well.

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