vertical forest

Submitted by wendygoldmanrohm October 22nd, 2011
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The world’s first vertical forest.   Designed by Stefano Boeri – architect, academic and former editor of design and architecture magazine Domus – his Bosco Verticale is a towering 27-story structure, currently under construction in Milan, Italy. Once complete, the tower will be home to the world’s first vertical forest.

One Response to “vertical forest”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m absolutely crazy about this. What a brilliant idea to do in the middle of a city. Though it’s pretty scary when you think about the weight that will only increase as the years go by. They have to have used some kind of trees that don’t grow into giants.

    I think this would make a great apartment building as well. Total privacy yet you could always peek out between the trees at the city view.