Kojak socks

Submitted by Brother Cleve October 28th, 2011
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Who loves ya, baby! I love Kojak (I’ve seen it dubbed in around 8 different languages), I love Telly (yes, I have his records, too). So when i found these socks, made by “Playboy Underwear”!!) I just had to buy them. I’ve never worn them, of course. They’re made of the thinnest rayon imaginable — the perfect compliment to your Players Club leisure suit. Copyright date on the bottom is 1976. I need to have a complete wardrobe of Playboy outfits! (actually, I have a shirt and a pair of slacks, so all i need to the rest of the underwear and a jacket)

I have these hanging on the wall, but i thought they looked so nice against the rug in my studio that I shot them on the floor

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  1. BRBill

    One of my favorite soca songs is called Kojak, by David Rudder and Charlies Roots Band. Great song…”they take Kojak off the tv/what about Dallas and Dynasty, yeah…” “Kojak was de baddest man in the whole of the tv land”…and yeah, you better keep a close grip on those socks cause i like them too.

    • Brother Cleve

      The Kojak icon was very big in the Caribbean during the 70’s and 80’s…especially in Jamaica and, as you mention, Trinidad. He became the new “007” during that time period. Jamaica had an artist I’ll refer to here as N*g**r Kojak, whose bald head adorned the labels of his 45’s and LP’s. Kojak was, in fact, the baddest man in the whole world of tv land at that time. No gettin around it. Telly is de man. I’ll watch anything he’s in. He grew up not far from me in Lynn, Massachuseets…the rhyme goes “Lynn Lynn The City of Sin, You don’t come out the way you went in!”