Peter Singh – The Rocking Sikh

Submitted by BeeJay November 2nd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

A while ago a friend sent this awesome image of the indian Elvis-impersonator Peter Singh to me and I really loved the quote:

After Shirlie gave me the hint that this guy obviously comes from Wales I did a little research and came across his one and only album on cassette “Rock ‘n’ Roll – East Meets West”

Tracks include:
Rocking With The Sikh
Bhindi Bhaji Boogie
Pick Your Turbans
Blue Suede Shoes
Living Doll
Elvis I’m On The Phone
Turbans Over Memphis

(The last title cracked me up!)

4 Responses to “Peter Singh – The Rocking Sikh”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is oh so wrong for an Elvis impersonator and oh so right for the kind of Elvis impersonator that would really send a kitsch lover over the moon. And how perfect that he has a cassette!

    Do we know what year this came out? And if he’s still shaking his turban?

    • BeeJay

      I don´t know from what year the cassette is, but I googled him and it looks like he´s still shaking his turban. He seems to be something like a street-artist who´s mainly doin´this just for fun. I wished I owned the cassette!