Peter Singh – The Rocking Sikh

Submitted by BeeJay November 2nd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

A while ago a friend sent this awesome image of the indian Elvis-impersonator Peter Singh to me and I really loved the quote:

After Shirlie gave me the hint that this guy obviously comes from Wales I did a little research and came across his one and only album on cassette “Rock ‘n’ Roll – East Meets West”

Tracks include:
Rocking With The Sikh
Bhindi Bhaji Boogie
Pick Your Turbans
Blue Suede Shoes
Living Doll
Elvis I’m On The Phone
Turbans Over Memphis

(The last title cracked me up!)

4 Responses to “Peter Singh – The Rocking Sikh”

  1. Allee Willis

    Allee Willis

    This is oh so wrong for an Elvis impersonator and oh so right for the kind of Elvis impersonator that would really send a kitsch lover over the moon. And how perfect that he has a cassette!

    Do we know what year this came out? And if he’s still shaking his turban?

    • BeeJay


      I don´t know from what year the cassette is, but I googled him and it looks like he´s still shaking his turban. He seems to be something like a street-artist who´s mainly doin´this just for fun. I wished I owned the cassette!