Drunk on the Lampost statuette/light

Submitted by Brother Cleve November 6th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

The image of the drunk on the lampost is one of my earliest memories – I used to see them in front of peoples houses almost as often as I’d see those black jockeys (most of which got painted white by the late 60’s). I’ve also found lots of them over the years in smaller versions to place on your bar. Here’s one that acts as a light,as well (although it doesn’t illuminate too much. Are they going to ban these specialty bulbs after they switch over to those mercury-filled low energy things? I’d better stock up!)

4 Responses to “Drunk on the Lampost statuette/light”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have a few versions of this guy but none with a light up nose, which bumps him to the top of the charts. Of course, the setting he’s surrounded by makes him look even better. I love the cocktail gal gazing lovingly at him. I think she’s had as many drinks as he has.

    What’s that Grecian pillar he’s standing next to?

    • Brother Cleve

      The drunk and his record cover galpal are situated over my fireplace. There are pillars on either side holding up another shelf. Which holds more kitsch that’ll be posted soon!

  2. Nessa

    I’ve been going to flea markets since I was a little kid, and this lamp is one of the things that sticks vividly in my memory. Looks like it’s in really nice shape!