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Snoopy after the Red Baron

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell November 6th, 2011
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I found this little pendant  from a charm bracelet with my metal detector.  Snoopy is only 3/4″ long.  I like his growl  as he closes in on the Red Baron.

4 Responses to “Snoopy after the Red Baron”

  1. Allee Willis

    I don’t know why I was never a big Snoopy fan. God knows how immensely popular he was and still is. I think I was so into black music at the time he overtook pop culture I just observed the Snoopy phenominon but never really dove in. But I do think he’s adorable and I absolutely understand his popularity. But what I love even more is that you found this with your metal detector!!

  2. Bob Ramsdell

    With the four or five metal detectors, I have owned, I have filled many jars with coins and cashed them in for various purposes. One summer, between April and October, I found 4,800 pennies, rolled them up, and put them in a savings account
    For my four year old son. When he was 15, I had enough to help him get his first motorcycle. I have found unusual things i.e. a gold bladed teakwood pocket knife with gold bolsters at each end. Another thing was a political item. When Eisenhower ran for president in the mid 60’s, I found an “I Like Ike” pin that had in smaller print at the bottom of the pin, “Hell, I Even Like Harry”. I lived near an air base in California and found a lot of coins from foreign countries. One was Iranian coin about the size of our dolla with the Shah‘s likeness on it. I will check through my findings and see if some might be considered “Kitschy”

      • Bob Ramsdell

        Hi, Nessa, I have been using a metal detector for many years and have found a wide variety of things on beaches, school grounds, etc. I may look through some more of my stuff and see if I can find other items to post on Allee’s blog. I am on my third or fourth metal detector. The last was a Fisher. Check with your local magazine store for a treasure magazine which will have a lot of ads. I remember getting my latest from an outfit in Florida called Kellyco. I don’t know where you are from but larger towns have stotes that sell detectors. I am from Oregon and one of the major manufacturers, White’s, is made about 20 miles away, near Albany.. Once you get a detector, try burying things (like, a dime or quarter) to see what depth seems to be right. The most expensive detectors will give you a picture indication of what is in the ground.
        Good luck, Ness, and be sure to post anothing unusual for the blog, Most of what I find are coins.
        Bob Ramsdell
        Albany, OR