10 Responses to “Ain’t that beautiful?”

  1. Allee Willis

    Her head is SO large, topped off by that cream puff hairdo, it’s astounding! I love her giant ring too. Can’t imagine what happens to Ms. Kim when that brew goes down her gullet.

    Love how the green of her feather brocade echos in the bar behind her.

    I’m guessing that Kim is very short.

  2. denny

    That’s one mean, flip hair-do! It’s beautiful just like that furry, green get up she is wearing. I hope you own this. I would display it proudly!

  3. BeeJay

    Winfried jouned AWMOK – happy happy joy joy! Now I´m not longer the only german on board and I´m definately delighted to share this position with my awesome strawberry-blonde buddy :*)

    Glad I infected you, Winni! Welcome to the most awesome place in the internet xoxo

  4. Winfried

    Well, erm, HIS posts… And I thought my first name was so very male sounding… Bettina BeeJay has been giggling around on my FB wall because of that trans-gender inter-cultural misunderstanding. But still, thank you very much!

    And, even as a man, I envy Kom Cordell’s hair-do, her clothing, and her utterly stunning competence in pulling pints. What a girl.