Dwarf Garden -Salzburg Austria

Submitted by shirlie williams November 9th, 2011
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Visiting the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg ,Austria. I calmed my inner Maria Von Trapp and managed not to fling myself in the fountain, I found the Zwergerlgarten, ‘Dwarf Garden’. Originally built in 1715. They were modelled on some of the dwarfs that lived at the court.

“In concern for his wife and their unborn child, Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria had the disfigured creatures with their goitres and hunchbacks removed from the Dwarf Garden (they were to be destroyed). Fortunately, they were only auctioned off and the dwarves were forgotten for over one hundred years. Not until 1921 did the Salzburg Society for the Preservation of Local Amenities recall this part of Salzburg’s cultural heritage to mind and convince the city councilors to place the nine dwarves then in the city’s possession in their historical positions. Today the carefully restored dwarves are set up in the Bastion Garden and the hope remains that all of the dwarves still preserved will be retrieved and reunited in their historically innate location.” (Salzburg.com)

7 Responses to “Dwarf Garden -Salzburg Austria”

  1. BeeJay

    Love this post! It´s so long ago that I´ve been to the “Zergerlgarten” the last time, but now I definately think about a trip. Salzburg is such a cute city.

    I don´t know if Karl and you discovered the “Sausage King´s” (“Würstlkönig”) snack stand on the Salzach bridge, I think Allee would die for one of those tremendous sausages.

  2. shirlie williams

    Thanks guys, we will be going back next year so if Bettina does not get their first we will hunt out the ‘Sausage Kings Snackstand’ Im amazed Karl missed it ! Douglas, Austria is very beautiful ,loved Salzburg , the Dwarfs were my favourite, how could you not hug one !!

  3. Carrie

    I’ve been in Salzburg twice and somehow missed these guys both times! That makes me very sad. I love that second guy with the wild mustache.