7 Responses to “Nelson Mandela Air Fresh”

  1. David Wahl

    BlueQ’s business model is to throw things at the wall and hope enough things stick to make a profit. They rarely repeat since everything they do is super specific and of limited appeal. And I mean that in a good way. They have amazing designer and artists that work for them. The best stuff in life is never meant to appeal to everyone.

    I don’t have any specific sales for them, but with the amount of attention Nelson got, I’d say he sold out fast. It would be a huge risk to reorder something like that and think it would sell as well a couple of months after the rush of publicity.

  2. David Wahl

    Yes! Cat Butt is a BlueQ. They also do all those funny sprays like “Understand Your Mother Breath Spray”

    Hits this year include:

    Bacon Candy Canes
    Mac and Cheese Air Freshener
    Shark Attack Mug
    Inflatable Beard

    • Allee Willis

      Those sprays were a ittle too cute for me but love much of their stuff.

      On another note, The Wienermobile will be at Willis Wonderland this coming Wednesday!! So excited I could die. I hear you might also be taking a trip in it.