We rode in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

Submitted by Rusty December 7th, 2011
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Last week I saw RELSHME, one of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles, and this weekend I got to take a ride in it with the kids and aKitschionado Ken D! I wore my vintage mustard-colored sunglasses and dressed everyone in hotdiggity colors just for the fun.

photos by Tailgatin’ Traci, Rusty Blazenhoff and Ken Dashner

10 Responses to “We rode in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!”

  1. Allee Willis

    FANTASTIC photos!! You all chose perfect colors to wear.

    How long was your ride and where did you go?

    I would be jealous/relish but Rusty has fulfilled my lifelong dream and arranged for me to ride in the Weinermoble myself!!!!!!!!!! It’s going to happen next Wednesday, the 14th, and I too will be dressed appropriately. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!

    • Rusty

      Of course, after studying costume design in college, I had to coordinate us all knowing the photo opps would be a-plenty!

      Our ride was about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes I think…it went by quickly though! We drove all around San Bruno, California (none of us were familiar with the area but they have a GPS). We saw all kinds of fun things…a parade of convertible low riders, a giant inflatable Santa and lots of people pulling out their cell phones for photos.

      I cannot wait to hear about YOUR adventures in the Wienermobile. Traci and Yoli are so lucky!!

      • Allee Willis

        Wienermobile will be leaving Willis Wonderland promptly at 2 PM this coming Wed. the 14th!! Thank u so much, Rusty, for getting the ball rolling or, should I say, cheese spread. I’m taking Charles Phoenix and Susan Olsen and one more as yet to be determined lucky wienie lover. THANK YOU!!

  2. denny

    I’m seething with jealousy.

    I am so happy that you all have gotten to experience the wiener mobile! What a life long dream come true.

    Look forward to more postings about everyones wiener advenures.