The Award-Winning Fluffernutter Fudge Tree

Submitted by Rusty December 21st, 2011
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

For the fabulous 2011 Mid-Century Holiday Potluck party of aKitschionado SparkleNeely, we made a Fluffernutter Fudge Tree. That is homemade Fluffernutter fudge from my mom’s secret recipe sticking out on toothpicks and yes, the top jar lights up!  I had this grand idea to make a fudge tree with the top shining like the “guiding star”. KenD painstakingly took it from my concept to THIS! The best part…we won FIRST PRIZE in the dessert category at the party. So now, it’s an award-winning Fluffernutter Fudge Tree.

Here are some more photos of the tree and the wonderful party:

Pre-party holding the most beautiful tree in the world.

I bought all of the Fluff at Cost Plus in Oakland last week.

Look at this gorgeous tree at Karen and Jon’s house!

Here is the Hostess with the mostest…Ms. SparkleNeely herself. She’s holding a pair of vintage “Oriental Myst” nylons I gave her (which turned out to be perfect considering her gorgeous dress).

This is Denise and her amazing Christmas tree hairpiece.

The party’s Troublemakers (capital T): Rusty, Paula, Sunny and Baby Doe.

This is one of the boxes of cherry Jell-O we won for the Fluffernutter Fudge Tree.

Patti and Shona are looking gorgeous in their vintage holiday outfits.

Look at this great cheeseball!

I missed out on the punch and the Swedish meatballs (note the flags).

But it’s really not a party without Allee, so we brought her along too. :)

There are a lot more images of the party here and here.

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff and Ken Dashner

9 Responses to “The Award-Winning Fluffernutter Fudge Tree”

  1. Allee Willis

    Seriously stellar!!!

    LOVE the tree, especially that it lights up. Love what everyone was wearing. Love the cheeseball. Love that I was there. LOVVVVVVVE EVERYTHING!! Not to mention I’m sure your fudge was scrumptious!

    • Rusty

      She has an INSANE wardrobe. When I first met her she worked at (the now defunct) Stop the Clock vintage store in the Bay Area. You would not believe her clothes.

  2. sparkleneely

    Oh, it was SO much fun — and made even more fun with Rusty and Ken’s Fluffernutter Fudge beauty! This was THE BEST Mid-Century Supper Club Potluck of all time — everyone brought so many great (and scary) dishes, and the guests were all gorgeous. Consider yourselves invited to the next one!

    And the dress… It’s funny, a friend I hadn’t seen in 16 years sent it to me a few weeks before the party. It was perfect! Now I need to be invited somewhere so I can wear it again… ;)

    Happy Holidays to all The aKitschionados! xoxo

  3. Allee Willis

    Fluffernutter fudge came yesterday. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Had to stop myself after three pieces or I would have been stationary throughout the holidays, a big, fat, fluffernutter tree myself waiting for people to hang more fudge on me. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Am taking the tin to the four parties today and three tomorrow I’ve been invited to and only giving pieces to those who have been nice. The naughty ones can stick with the more traditional nonfluffernutted faire. THANK U!!