3 Responses to “Ceramic Vegetable Wall Hangings”

  1. Allee Willis

    Lovely dump finds! I have no idea how they distinguish what goes in that dump pile versus what ends up on the shelves to be sold as these are great and in great condition.

    I’m never nuts about a matte finish on ceramics but I love little vegetable and fruit sculptures that hang on the wall. I always prefer if they have little faces painted on them, but if you find them for free I’m fine that part of their personality is missing. In general though, I like my ceramics to
    shine like the sun. I do love the rotten kernels painted in on the corn.

  2. denny

    They have a staff that sorts through stuff and sends it over to the “free store”. I never get tired of going into the dumps “Gift Hut” and shopping for free. Sorry, I re-dumped these. I just hope someone else is painting faces on them.