4 Responses to “Dog Carrier”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, I wonder how long it took some pet owner to sue the inventor of this? Or go find him and kill him for mashing their pet. Although completely brilliant in concept the thought of someone sideswiping the dog and turning him into wet pet food in the bag is not my idea of a pretty pet experience. Ooooh, and then what if someone leans against the window and disodges the hook…?

    • BeeJay

      Thanks alot for the Classique d´Camembert, Allee!
      I couldn´t believe my eyes when I spotted this, just insane at so many levels. I couldn´t imagine a way to put your dog in more distress and danger at the same time. Panicking, eating flies, smashing into another car, falling off – the list of the disadvantages of this invention is practically endless. Just unreal!
      The word “comfortably” used in this ad really tops the bill.