Famous Theme Parks near Santa Cruz

Erasmus Thump
Submitted by Erasmus Thump February 8th, 2012
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Lost World, where Dinos go to rest after surfing Mavericks. Sadly, now replaced by a hospice, where these dinos took their second-to-last rest.

And across the street, in the blazing hot Scotts Valley just next to Santa Cruz California was….

Santa’s Village of course! After a raging hot day getting sunburnt on the beach and then bloated on fried fish and salt water taffy on the boardwalk, head of to ‘the village’ and tap some o that smokin Elf booty!

3 Responses to “Famous Theme Parks near Santa Cruz”

  1. Allee Willis

    Allee Willis

    I want to be at both places right now! Would’ve killed to see Lost World before its demise.

    I always meant to go to Santa’s Village but never made it there. However, David Arquette and Paul Rubens/Pee Wee bought tons of the outside sculptures. Between the two of them they own all of the mushrooms so at least I’ve gotten to see them up close.